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Getting a VA Mortgage Loan in Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio



Hello, Randolph Air Force Base. Welcome to Texas from Texas Home Loans. We’d like to thank you for your service. We’re presenting to you a different lending experience. Everybody says this, but they actually don’t do anything different. We do, and I’m gonna break it down and you’re gonna see in real world impact where the rubber meets the road, how it is different.

So there’s a couple things that we do very differently. The first thing we do is we don’t move up our margins on veterans. Now this is a dirty secret. This is something American banks have been doing to veterans for a long time. They’ve been getting away with it. The insurance that you got for your service should lower your rate.

It makes that loan more valuable cause the lender is insured. It should be about one point lower. But if you ask your bank or your mortgage company, you say, what’s your conventional rate? What’s your VA rating? If it’s not a whole point lower, they’re making a higher profit margin on your loan. What they’re doing is they’re moving up the rate.

The higher the rate they give you, the more profit that the, the market gives that bank, cuz it’s all sold to the va. So they move that up, they make more profit. How much more profit? Three, four, sometimes five times more profit than a regular loan. So why should one person. Have a high pay, a higher rate than they deserve, than a regular, conventional person.

And they’re doing this to people that served our country. So here at Texas Home Loans, it, I, I don’t, I don’t know how else to say this, but it, it pisses me off. It makes me angry that these banks and these mortgage companies think they can get away with it. If you look Google, and I’m not making this up, Google rocket paid a 400 million fine for over charging veterans.

Fairway paid a 200 million fine. You look at this, it’s it. They’ve been doing this forever. Why does nobody in lending talk about it? Cause they’re all getting paid. Well, we’re not. I am the owner of the company and I set the pricing and the owner has to be the one who’s on board with not stealing from the veterans.

So you could have a good loan officer, you could have a good local branch, a good good operations man manager. You could have a good loan officer. The money’s already stolen. It’s already that rate’s already been moved up and that lender the owner of the company is laughing all the way to the bank in their third house in Aspen.

It’s wrong and we don’t do that. So Randolph Air, air Force Base, I hope you like my A 10. My buddy used to fly these, so that’s what I have in the back. The blueprints of the A 10 behind me. We appreciate your service. We appreciate you coming to San Antonio. We appreciate you as a Texas resident. You can call us.

We give the lowest score in the first round. We don’t increase margins, and you’re gonna be shocked at how low our rates are and look at our reviews. We always close on time. I just got a jumbo loan clear to close in nine days, which is unheard of. So I can close VA loans very quickly, efficiently, and take the stress off of you and put it where it really.

You gotta worry about moving and moving your life. You don’t have to worry about money. I want to be an afterthought. I wanna make sure you get a good rate and you forget about me if I’m forgotten. I did my job. So we appreciate your, your service at Joint Base, San Antonio, Randolph Air Air Force Base here in Texas.

We’re gonna help you with your VA loan, your purchase, a refinance, even if you wanna do a cash out. You can’t do a VA with that. Well, you can do conventional cash out and you can refinance that as a, a VA loan, a low rate later. All of these things, home equity loans. We can do this for you and make sure you’re taken care of.

We appreciate your service and thank you very much.

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