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Getting a VA Mortgage Loan in Joint Base San Antonio Air Force Army



Joined Bay San Antonio, we want to thank you for your service from Texas Home Loans. Most of you are gonna get a VA loan in your time, and we wanna let you know a couple of different things that’s gone on in finance and our efforts to make that right. One of the things that’s going on is most lenders increase their.

The amount of money they make on VA loans, how do they do that? They do that because VA loans should be much lower because of the insurance placed on the loan, paid by your service. But instead of giving you a low rate, they move the rate up closer to conventional loans and they triple their margins, sometimes quadruple.

They make three to four times more on veterans. We feel it’s wrong. We think it’s unethical, immoral, and it’s theft. Plain and simple. Rates for a VA loan should be about. Close to a point, if not three, three quarters of percent lower than a conventional loan. Like today, I’m at 6% conventional.

I’m at 5.125. That’s for a seven 20 FICO score, 300,000 off purchase primary residence sign, family residence. That being said, that’s with no points for both. So you’re looking at almost a point difference. Why are you not seeing that? Simply they move, they move up the va. And they make a lot more money.

It’s a dirty secret Ev, it’s a dirty, open secret in finance. They’re all getting away with it. The bank started this years ago when there was a lot more work on VA loans. I think it was done, not agreed. But they justified it by saying you have to do a lot more paperwork. Was it that much paperwork to make three times more?

Probably not. Maybe 50% more 25%, but not 300% more. And they just kept doing it. And there’s no extra work on VA loans. So it would be that that argument stand holds no water today, 2023. But they still do it cuz it’s highly profitable. If you Google lenders paying fines for overcharging veterans, it’s all over the web.

Rockets paid fines, fairways paid fines and you ask yourself if they pay these, these are hundreds of millions of dollars. And you’re like, well, if they’re paying hundreds of millions of dollars, why would they continue to do that? Well, How it’s more profitable than the funds. They make probably billions on this business, predatory lending practice.

And what does that translate to you? By getting a rate that’s almost a point higher on a $400,000 loan that’s over a hundred thousand dollars in extra payments over 30 years. You’ve earned that lower rate with your service. You earned that lower rate pay for the va, and we jumped through all the hoops that you had to do to get this and to have a salesman come in and steal that.

They hits us on a different level. So joint base San Antonio. We don’t do that in Texas. Home loans. Also side note, you like my a 10 blueprints back there. My buddy used to fly this Air National Guard. I know it flies for American, but everybody loves the A 10 and partial to it. It’s my, so my buddy’s playing.

So anyway We wanna help you. We wanna give you a straight quote. We have flat margins. That means no matter how many times you call me, it’s the rate’s gonna be the same. You tell me your FICO score, your loan amount, what you’re buying. You’re gonna get a, you’re gonna get a rate. I don’t care what people look like, I don’t care who they golf with.

Every other deal in America, it’s like, who do you know? How you shopping? It’s all these like kind of shady, like it’s like going to a flea market. Well, you’re buying a home. There’s a certain level of respect you should get. When you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and being treated like you’re in a flea market, okay, you’re buying some $5 toy and you’re negotiating fair, no problem.

You’re buying a $700,000, 800,000 home. You can buy up to 2 million with va, with zero down at my bank. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It’s disrespectful. And my veterans love the fact that I give ’em a low quote in the first round. They’re just, they’re just shocked. Now, some people make a sport out of it. They just wanna call, call, call, and get a better rate.

And they’re just like, can’t you gimme a better rate if I call you more? I’m like, no, I actually no, and I told you that. And my numbers don’t change. These other, and it’s, and the message is, well, all the other lenders do it. Okay, well, all the other lenders do a lot of bad things too. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna step in line.

So I’m here to make a change. We’re here to inform the people. We’re here to give you a better deal and and stop the predatory pricing on veterans. I mean, it’s wrong. It’s wrong at a basic level. It’s wrong at a moral level, and you earned it and should go to you. Your family, your children your grandchildren.

All of these things, these savings should pass on, not to a greedy bank. The pricing is set by the owner. So if you look at. All the, all the bases that are that are under San Antonio, you’ve got Randolph Air Force Base, you’ve got Lackland, you’ve got joint base ca camp Bolus, you’ve got San Fort, San Houston, all of these joint bases.

Part of those joint base San Antonio family these lenders have a machine based on this. They make tons of money, pay these high profits, and they use these high profits to pay for lots of marketing. To tell you how great they are. But in reality, what they deliver is a really bad product by predatory, by stealing your money, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So they do all this fanfare. They got flags all over their stuff. Oh, B A V A V A. And I look at their pricing and I mean, they’re a point higher than me. I’m like, how do you justify stealing? Just be, it’s all theater. But you know, hope you can see through that. Give us a call. I can tell you, you know, the numbers don’t lie.

We can do a Zoom meeting. I can show you exactly, I can show you how much I’m making in every loan and show you why my pricing’s so much better. And the, the best thing about seeing the royal pricing is you see that I’m not doing anything special. All I’m doing is what I’m supposed to do, which means they’re not even doing what they’re supposed to do.

And you can’t trust people like that. That’s people that will take advantage of you later. That’s people that are, that are, they operate on a different level, different frequency. I need to have a level of respect when I go home and I make plenty of money in my loans and I’m not gonna rip off veterans.

I’d love to give veterans a better deal, but actually give people, dip. Better pricing or lower pricings. Technically it’s illegal. That’s why they’re paying fines. So they’re playing with fire. They’re overcharging people, they’re paying fines, but it’s extremely profitable. The only way to get out of that trap is to be educated, learn, look at the numbers and you know the numbers don’t lie.

So join Bay San Antonio. We thank you for your, for your service, whether you’re serving and joint. Base Camp Bullis Lackland Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base at Fort Sam Houston. We appreciate your service and we’re looking forward to help you out and get you moving forward, you and all of your other veterans friends and get them moving forward in a good manner, in a respectful manner, that it’s something you deserve as a veteran.

So, thank you again and have a good day.

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