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VA Loans Unleashed for Fixer-Upper Buyers



VA Fixer Upper Loans. We do these, we can help you out if you’re a veteran. The reason this is important, in a world of potential where homes wait to be transformed and dreams yearn to become reality, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and transformed with your Fixer Upper in the way you want.

These are often overlooked and then a lot of people want turnkey, they’ve been a little bit spoiled. Well guess what, now there’s kind of messed up homes, may have a great lot or a great location. but they need to be fixed. They need an addition. They need to take out a wall, need to add on a bathroom.

These are things we’re going to unleash the power of your VA loan to fix up that property. So veteran homebuyers can release that potential and take advantage of a variety of benefits such as low down payment and funding the, the construction and with flexible credit requirements and lender like us.

We do not increase our margins. We talk about this across the board. Almost all the other lenders increase their margins on veterans. We do not. What does that mean? You’re looking at one to one and a quarter points lower than conventional. You don’t see that with regular banks They move those margins up and they steal what you earned Which is your lower payment based on the insurance paid for by your service.

So what are the upfront costs? Don’t worry the VA loans Can be covered not only the purchase price of the home, but also the cost of necessary repairs and renovations Imagine walking in your newly renovated home No one has made possible the power of VA Fixed Rupper Loans. So if you’re a veteran with a dream and you don’t find what you want with a, with a turnkey home, you can get what you want by getting a Fixed Rupper and making that happen.

Hopefully that helps you. Thanks for watching our video. Don’t forget to like the buttons and we thank you for your service.

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