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Getting a VA Mortgage Loan in Bulverde, TX


Well Verde veterans showing you a little bit of the A 10 Ward hog. All the veterans seem to love it, and one of my buddies used to fly this plane, so a little bit partial to it. Hopefully you enjoy this as well. Well, everybody, except for people we’re going up against, seem to like it. But want to talk to you about getting your VA loan.

There’s a big difference in how lenders price out VA loans versus conventional loans. It’s really important for you to understand that and then go over it to know what you earned. You were insur, you earned insurance on your loan, and that lowers the interest rate. For example, when I priced out a six 80 FCO score, $400,000 loan, today, the VA loan was 1.4% lower in rate than a conventional loan.

But you don’t see this when you go to regular banks. When you go to regular lenders. So where does this lower rate, where does it go? Well, they move it up close to the conventional rate, and they make 2, 3, 4, sometimes six times more than conventional loan. So the insurance that you earned that gave you saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over 30 years is effectively absorbed in the profit scheme in the profit margins of most lenders.

Not a very nice thing to do to our veterans or did you do it to anybody, but to the veterans, it seems like insult and injury that you served to get that insurance and they just take that away. It’s like you, you’d be like, you’re getting a large rebate for your service to go to a a car dealer. And the car dealer just takes it and says, well, I’ll just take that $10,000 and put it in my pocket.

So. That being said, if you’re getting a VA loan in Bull Verde, give us a call getting a regular loan. You’ll be impressed with our margins. We run a smooth operation here in Bernie. We close on close fast, we close on time, and you get direct service and you can talk to a real person on the first call.

And you don’t have to fight to get a good rate. We’ll give you a good rate on the first phone call. That’s one of, we don’t have time for that. That’s not our business model. To go back and forth and do all this horse trading stuff. That takes up too much time and I’d have to increase my margins if we did this, so we don’t.

So you want a good deal buying a home and both already, or refinancing, give us a call. We’d love to help you out. You’re gonna be shocked at the difference in the interest rates for VA and FHA loans that we give because we don’t move our margins around against the veterans like most lenders do.

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